Hi there, I'm Alexia. Thank you for visiting this page. quick intro about Naturannis and myself.

I have been a beauty therapist for the past 20 years in Malta for the majority working for established high end brands. Always studying further into aromatherapy and specialising in sensitive skin and organic formulations, I developed effective skincare without being aggressive on delicate skin. Being very sensitive myself and having skin issues I realised shelve bought products for sensitive skin where not being enough for my skin, but I also wanted to help my clients to overcome the fear of using effecitve spa quality skincare at home and with the possibility to even do a facial without irritations or sensitivities to such products.

Naturannis is a small shop in Mosta where i formulate in very small batches, using only the best ingredients sourced from all over the world. All of naturannis products where safety assessed and sent to foreign labs for testing on stability and qaulity control. All are EU certified and each batch is checked for PH, stability and bacterial count to make sure best quality product is delivered to our clients. I am not after frills and packaging and marketing strategies, I'de rather have you paying for high end quality ingredients in your product than having fancy bottles. Am happy to have clients who today I call friends for the past 20 years and it's only with their help and support that Naturannis exists, so I thank you lovelies, you know who you are!

Started at a very young age and took the route to study beauty therapy I kept delving into complimentary therapy like aromatherapy and reflexology and skincare understanding, skin analysis and mapping. I studied with Formula Botanica in 2014 to become a natural skincare formulator to be able to create some products specifically for delicate troubled skin. And here we are today.

Custom products are also a service which I offer, so if nothing ticks your box in the product list feel free to connect and we can see what we can work out. I also offer services at the shop for customised fresh facials and body treatments including reflexology sessions.

I am also a wife and a mother to my daughter Annis(hence the name) so am very aware that time is an issue. I wish we all had 15 minutes to spend morning and evening on our cleansing ritual, but honeslty who has that time? Some of the basic range products are thought specifically for a fast paced life without missing on the daily ritual of cleansing and moisturising the skin. 

We are after health, no quick fixes. If skin is healthy it is radiant, it will function better therefore cells will do thier job and keep active resulting in slowing signs of ageing. Sensitive skin needs a different approach! Harsh chemicals and 1 week result is not it. Understanding, repair, care, support and constant care. Skin is a journey not a destination!

So to recap I like combining experience, science, nature and passion.

Welcome to Naturannis.