Busy for my skincare

11 Jun 2021

Busy for my skincare

We find Ourselves catching our breath or asking ourselves which day of the week we are in... I'm sure it happens to most and it is very annoying. You feel the anxiety and frustration and wish that the day had an extra couple of hours so maybe we find time for oursleves or for our loved ones. As a mother I make sure her needs are priority, then make sure all other aspects are sorted like home, hubby, work and other commitments leaving me with very limited time for myself. Does this resonate? If yes there are a few tips I might help you with to take better care of your skin at home. 

1. Find the right time to spend 15 minutes daily for self care. I find that morning works best for me, but know of many that prefer evenings. Up to you but so try to put it in your daily routine.

2. Cover all aspects that need selfcare. Face, hair, nails and body. 

3. Choose skincare that are good for your lifestyle. If you have no time for a 6 product routine don't opt for it. Instead choose a cleanisng routine that works for you. If on the other hand one has the time and finds it relaxing to spend time applying indulging products, of course that would be amazing! 

4. Each day choose what to do for your selfcare eg: Monday a nice deep cleansing face mask, Tuesday an indulgent body scrub or body brushing, Wednesday hair mask, Thursday nail trimming and cuticle care, Friday any hair removal, Saturday soak feet in salts and take care of any hard skin, and Sunday a nice bath. Of course this is just to have an idea! Make it work for you. 

5. Declutter your skincare cabinet. Discard of any unfinished old products. Being organised will help you feel more relaxed while doing your routine. Keep the products handy. If you sleep upstairs, don't leave your night moisturizer downstairs as probably you won't go back down for it.

6. Keep sun protection, hand cream and lip balm in your bag. These 3 products are needed multiple times during the day so it is good to have them handy. Remeber to apply sunblock regularly when UV rays are high.

7. Cleansing your skin is very important before sleeping. At that time your skin regenerates and repairs itself. Sleeping with make up, minerals from sun block and debris from pollution definetly won't help in improving the skin. No need to spend a fortune or hours on skincare regime just make sure what you are using is for your skin type and that products give you a satisfying sense of clean and comfortable skin feel.

8. Drink more water, with stress our body gets more dehydrated resulting in tired looking skin. Get more sleep as it also gives the skin a better glow. Eat the fruits and veggies, the more colorful the better. Do some excersice to improve circulation. Find something destressing and get some good sunlight and fresh air.

9. Choose clean ingredients. Read the labels no matter how busy you are. Avoid ingredients which clog the skin. Do your research well, ask questions, don't just rely on google, lots of misleading information, check sources of articles. Impulse buying is tempting but ask yourself''will i use this product? How long would I need to use it in my routine? will it sit on the shelf or will I be looking forward to use it? Does it resonate with my ethos? 

10. Changing your skincare with the change of season is also something I suggest. Climate, weather, stress and hormonal changes do have an impact on our skin. So skincare has to reflect these changes. Summer we would need lighter textures while in winter the skin might need more comfort and moisture. Also a professional facial is suggested with change of season to remove dead skin and prepare skin for the coming season. 

Do hope these tips help in finding the right balance between a hectic lifestyle and some you time. Remember that the skin is an organ and needs care. 


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