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Oils which are not oily

01 Jul 2021

Oils which are not oily

Have you ever felt the need of a smooth moisturized skin and decide to reach for the coconut oil or shea butter as they are so popular but then the skin feels congested and it never wants to absorb? I often hear clients complain that oils clog the skin, makes you sweat, stain the clothes….

More like they have a bad reputation with many people as of some bad experience. But oils can be a skin saver tool as they deeply nourish the skin and balance moisture and sebum production. Oils can be used on the face, hair, body and nails. But since we are all different and we have different lifestyles, there are different oils suitable for each person so it is key to understand what your skin is asking for.

Quality of mentioned oils is key, make sure to source organic natural cold pressed oils as they would make all the difference. Oils come in different compounds and fatty acids but I don’t wish to go into science as it gets complicated and it is too hot for that.

What I wish to talk about today are about oils which are ideal for hot, humid climates like our little island and for skin types which need moisture but are on the combination side and not as demading as dry skin. These oils are great as standalone oils or they can be mixed together at different ratios. Oils are faster absorbed on damp skin, either water or a toner would work. Skin should then be patted dry not wiped.

Watermelon seed oil: works wonders for all skin types, as it is light, fast-absorbing, and clarifying for those with oily skin. But it's also nourishing and effective for dry skin, as it protects and moisturizes with antioxidants, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids. Fantastic for hair, face or body. Tones the skin and is also a sebum regulating oil.

Fractionated coconut oil: This is achieved through hydrolysis and steam distilling regular coconut oil, leaving a liquid that is fine in texture and quick absorbing on the skin. Very stable and since most of the fatty acids are removed it makes it ideal for irritated skin or damaged skin. No scent and ideal for summer weather even as a base for mosquito repellent organic products.

Hemp seed oil: Cannabis seed oil is the controversial and renowned oil of the moment. It is from the plant cannabis sativa but it does not contain THC and is made from the plant while CBD oilis made out of the flower. It does not have opiods properties but it is a fantastic oil for summer, light and fast absorbant giving the skin all the hydration and moisture it needs. Repairs the skin even if it is irritated.

Hazelnut seed oil: Cold pressed from nuts, a dry oil which reduces oil production and helps with improving skin conditions. High flavonoids content make the skin more radiant and youthful. Also highly absorbant and silky feel. Perfect for any skin type that needs hydration and protection without the oily residue.

Flaxseed oil: A light textured oil, highly absorbant and hydrating, helps in controlling sebum(oil) production to hair(scalp) face and body. Loaded with anti oxidants to fight stress. Smell is a bit particular and I always suggest that this should be mixed with an oil with high content of tocopherol (vit E) to prolong shelflife.

Perilla seed oil: Known as wild sesame and is a plant found in Asia, has high absorption rate and has UV fighting compounds making it ideal as a summer oil. A fantastic oil for any skin type, a bit of a nutty scent which can be easily masked with a gentle essential oil. Perilla is widely used in pharmaceutical use and also in dyes and bio fuel. Used also in baby products as it has soothing and anti inflammatory properties. Good as anti ageing firming oil and extremely safe for eye areas too.

Do hope these few oils mentioned above will be a start to make you fall in love with organic oils. Feel free to connect and ask any questions in regards. I love when you give feed back and also love sharing information and do let me know if you wish to know more about anything regarding organic and natural oils, hydrosols, essential oils, extracts, organic skincare, holistic therapies, green cleaning!

Healthy regards xx Alexia.



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